Click to Coach Program

Unlimited Coaching Sessions for ONE WHOLE YEAR! (Yes, seriously.)


How does it work?

We’ll work together on weekly 20 Minute Power Sessions for an entire year. After you sign up, you’ll get a calendar link where you can book your calls. Choose your date and time and start scheduling. You can choose a time that works for you and select your first (or next) 20 Minute coaching call. Before you come to the call, know what you want to get coached on. During the call, we will have laser-sharp focus on that topic. At the end of the call, I’ll assign homework to help you achieve that goal. Then, the process repeats each week for an entire year!

What can you get coached on?

I’m a Certified Life Coach and can coach on anything under the sun (or moon). So, there is really no limit to the topic that you’d like to work on. But, my specialties are business and career coaching (particularly for new entrepreneurs), writing coaching for new or established authors, and confidence, mindset, and accountability coaching for women.

Some of my coaching methods and qualifications include: a degree in Behavioral Sciences, certification as a Life Purpose Coach, Entrepreneurship Coach, Life Coach, Performance Coach, CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), NLP (Neurolinguistics Practitioner), Stress & Anxiety Management, and Advanced Hypnotherapy

Why would I offer this?

Because I LOVE to coach and I’d like to help as many people as possible this year. Plus, if you enjoy these sessions and find that you need MORE coaching, I hope that you’ll continue to work with me in other programs in the future (insert evil laugh here). No, seriously…I just LOVE coaching others.

Who should sign up?

Again, there are no limitations to who can benefit from these sessions. But, see section above “What Can You Get Coached On?” as to my specialties and interests.

When can you start?

Right away. I have sessions open right now. But, hurry! Due to this amazing offer and my calendar availability, I only have 10 spots remaining at this time! Here’s how to get started:

1. Click one of the Buy Now button below to purchase with a one-time payment of $997.
2. After you complete your payment, you’ll be redirected to the calendar to book your first call.
3. Get started!

Have questions? Feel free to contact me here.


Not ready for private coaching?  Check out this fun e-course to help you create amazing new customers for your biz!

Want to quickly convert new subscribers into paying customers? Create a fabulous e-book freebie in only 5 days with my e-course!

Creating a professionally produced e-book to use as a freebie (opt-in) offer for you business is a fabulous way to attract your ideal audience. Gift them the e-book in exchange for their email address. It is as simple as that.

In this course, I will walk you through 5 simple Modules that take you from idea creation all the way through to final publication of your book (and it will even be ready for publishing on Amazon Kindle, if you so desire).

In the past, I have charged clients up to $500 per e-book using this exact same formula. If you’d like to use this as a side hustle for yourself, please feel free to adopt this method and use it for your own business in that way as well.

The bottom line…as the owner and founder of four businesses, I know how important it is to build a successful email list. Working with your “warm audience” email list is a tried and true way to make sales over and over again. So, it makes sense that creating the perfect freebie offer will attract the ideal audience for your email list from day one.

Jump in and get started today. In just a few days, you’ll have a professionally designed e-book and be well on your way to the email list of your business dreams!

Who this course is for:
  • Any entrepreneur who is looking to build their email list